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Mariana Ramos
Estilo musical: MORNA
Membro desde: 2009-03-09

Mariana is the solar singer. On stage, like a wild and unbroken big cat, she shines fourth and occupies the space, dancing, twirling around like a flame coming out of an improbable fire which comes and burns during the show. She seems fully happy only when, with her sensual voice, she gates to inflame her audience, passing a bit of her sacred fire on to them.

She probably owes to her native Senegal this enthusiasm and this wild flame that owns her.

But it's in Cape Verde, land of her ancestors, that she fines her inspiration and that she plunges her deepest roots. This drivers her to an unique performance, enthusiastic, dancing and singing at once, on the most furious tunes from Cape Verde : The coladeras, the cheerful music of São Vicente island; the funanas, the old music of the slaves and the uprising in the Isle of Santiago; the batuque, the rhythmic and often ironical music of the women of the same island; and even the stirring European origins mazurkas, tinged with traditional waltz tunes.

Every time, she brings her specific touch to it, for instance when she starts dancing the suggestively named Collé-sérré...


When, in a more melancholy way she performs the mornas, these Cape verdean full of "Sodade" songs, immortalized by the great Cesaria Evora, one can feel the jazzy and brasilian influences which seduced Mariana at the beginning of her career and which give a deep and moving tonality to her performance.

Mariana Ramos, indeed, is a cosmopolite singer, the symbol of a perfectly successful cultural mixing...

Born in Dakar, she lived in Cape Verde in a working-class area of Monte Sossego, brought up by her grandmother, to whom she would dedicate her last album, "Bibia". She'd join her parents in France, where they had to move to find a job.

Her whole childhood would be strung along by a double model : from her mother, she inherited the love of dancing, her first real  passion, which she's been practising since the age of five or six and which she'd never give up. On her father's side, she had been lulled by the Cape verdean rhythms, her father being Toy Ramos alias toy de Bibia, guitarist of the famous "Voz de Cabo Verde" Band.

Once of age, she started to perform, sometimes with her father, some other times singing and dancing in a rock band. For, at that time, Mariana needed to free herself from her sole father's Cape Verdean roots: she's yearning for other influences, from Nougaro to Jonasz, including Edith Piaf, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan or Rickie Lee Jones.


After becoming imbued with these various influences, meeting Teofilo Chantre and Nazallo Fortes, young cape Verdean composers, would bring her back to her roots. This would be the time for her metamorphosis and a real internal rebirth which would lead her to change her identity and choose to bare no other than her new stage name, Mariana Ramos.

That was then the starting point for an inevitable accession to fame and recognition by not only the Cape Verdean but also international communities. After her first album "Did or em or" released in April 2000, she would take part to a number of concerts in Paris ( at the New Morning, the Bataclan, the Café de la Danse...) but also in tours of Africa, Italy and Greece...Sometimes, performing with Tito Paris, Téofilo Chantre, or as support act of Souad Massi.


With "Bibia", released in 2004, Mariana offers a warm album, as a result of a combination of talents including Ano Nobo, the poet Manuel de Novas, Cesaria Evora's composer Teofilo Chantre and Toy Ramos, her father who signed four beautiful compositions tinged with "Sodade", this tune so dear to the heart of the Cape Verdeans...

The success and the growing recognition are not the fruits of coincidence. For, coming back to her Cape Verdean roots, Mariana did not betray anything of her cosmopolite journey, to the contrary, just like an initiatory   journey, she got rich with all the influences that modelled her.

Contrarily to "roots" singers who usually pass on the unchanged traditional soul of a people, Mariana is the living proof of a tradition which opens up to multiply richness. Cosmopolite singer, singular and universal at the same time, she sings Cape Verde in a unique way. With her, jazzy, Brazilian, African and others influences are melted up all at once harmoniously in an unique song, performed by a mellow sensual voice, born by the inspiration from a solar blaze.

Mariana Ramos, a singer to be discovered at once.


Recordings of duets:

- Nando Da Cruz "Crianças di nos Terra" 2004 Lusafrica / Harmonia Mundi

- Tchala "Alò alò Mindelo" 2003 Lusafrica / Harmonia-Mundi Track 1 - Intentaçon d'carnaval

- Dan Inger    "Atlanticoblues" 2002  Dos Santos / Next Music Track 8 - Palco da Vida

- Teofilo Chantre "Noite de Cabo Verde no Zenith" 2001   Lusafrica Track 6 - Di Dor em Or

 solo album:

- "Di dor em or"  2000 - Morabeza Records / Dam

- "Bibia" - 2004 - a record from Do Soul / Harmonia Mundi distribution

   New album

- "Mornador" - 2008 - Casa Verde Productions / Sony BMG


 www.mariana-ramos.com    contact@mariana-ramos.com

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Estive a ouvir estas musicas fabulosas.
Obrigado por estes momentos.
Muito sucesso...
parabens muito bom som felicidades!

beijinhos de jorge(DJ_SHOEI)
Pode não ser a tua onda, mas passa pelo nosso palco para ouvir "Sing it Back" obrigado!
Helena Caspurro
Que bonito...! Que voz...! Obrigada Mariana, é um prazer ouvir-te. Fico à espera de nos cruzarmos por aí.... Grande beijo com votos de muiiiiiiito
sucesso! da Helena
Carina Guilherme
Morabeza! (:


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