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As an additional bonus, doing so will mean that you also don't fall down once you walk backwards trying to avoid some incoming fire, forgetting there is a massive hole right behind you. Port-a-Forts are fairly obvious targets, and while they aren't easy to take down fortnite guns doesn't take much to destroy one of the staircase at the top where you will most likely be standing.

If someone does ruin among those segments of their top then it's surely worth rebuilding it using metal (if you can) as speedily as possible, even when the immediate danger isn't coming from that direction. A destroyed section leaves you exposed from more angles than you would think and may spell disaster for your chances of a Victory Royale.

But simply rebuilding it will give you some amount of cover, and shield you pretty well. Keeping your construction up after throwing out it is pretty important, as falling to the ground will typically result in a fast death. Fortnite players keep attempting to maintain funerals in the new gravestone It's been quite a few days for Fortnite fans.

Last week, a captured scene from a match of Battle Royale went viral, revealing streamer Muselk trying to rescue someone trapped onto the face of the island, until accidentally killing them using a ATK buggy in true tragi-comic style.

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