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Not gonna lie here, I was not a fan of this hottest Teams of 20 Final Fight so I am not sure whether or not I will love Teams of 12. Too frequently matches seemed to devolve into blowouts, with whole teams getting wiped from the fortnite traps. Too much depended on where you landed in the start of the match--or rather, where your team ended up and how willing they were to conduct all the way throughout the map. Whatever the case, enjoy playing at the Playground! Additionally: Here are the significant weapon nerfs and other changes found in the v4.5 patch.

Oh, and here's when Season 5 begins. Epic Games ended up maintaining Playground offline yesterday and as of this morning it is still not up and running. In a post on reddit, the programmer assures us that the mode remains planned for release at some point later in the day. We launched the Playground LTM. So a lot of you rushed into create and play our matchmaking service fell over. We've since separated the Playground matchmaker by the one that impacts the default modes and made large improvements to assist with the number of players.

We intend to push those modifications and improvements live today now to deliver the Playground LTM back online. Epic Games has launched its first official tease of Fortnite Season 5 and also verified a few things we already understood. At a tweet on Monday morning, the business said that the brand new Fortnite season was only 3 days off. While the July 12 launch date has been previously announced, it's nice to have it supported since Epic may occasionally be a little late on their release -- appearing at you Playground Mode.

Though the official launch date is More Fortnite News, it's not the only tease at the conversation, which seems to include a mask emerging out of among those rifts that keep popping in-game up. While fan speculation around the mask is already warming up on the internet, it seems probably that this can be really a reference to the Japanese kitsune, or fox. According to Japanese yokai folklore, the kitsune may shapeshift -- mostly into human kind -- and owns various supernatural attributes.


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